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Business Managers Brainstorm on Royalties

Follow the money trail with three dynamic and multicultural business management pros moderated by a veteran royalty auditor - all experts who bring fresh and modern insight from the worlds of music and finance.

We'll ask these "accountants to the stars" to spill the beans on the latest in royalty recovery tactics and emerging income streams.

Speakers will share concrete steps to protect your music clients' financial future and to increase income.


  1. How do the financial concerns of new artists differ from catalog artists?
  2. Specifically how are music clients best advised on such key issues?
  3. How are music income steams trending and where is there growth?
  4. What are some emerging types of audit and legal claims?
  5. Are there desktop analysis techniques that anyone can try?



Cedar Boschan, Partner, Hurewitz, Boschan & Co. LLP

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