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Still Can't Find Your Way Home?

Everybody wants a place they can call home—a place where they’re accepted, loved, and healed, a place where, as the chorus of the Cheers theme says, everybody knows your name. But for musicians—often traveling, working nights and weekends, finding and keeping community can be a challenge. Merrill and Greg will discuss these challenges with touring musicians who will join the panel and share their stories. Greg will talk about the efforts of U2 to build community together and we’ll take a look at an Austin program led by Merrill intentionally trying to create community for musicians.

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  1. What challenges do artists and musicians face in being available for their families and friends?
  2. How can they find healthy community with other musicians?
  3. Can social media help to create a sense of community between musicians and fans?
  4. How can musicians forge community in venues where they play with some frequency?
  5. What might a venue consciously seeking to build community look like?



Merrill Wade, Priest, St. Matthew's Episcopal Church

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