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Beyond Ping Pong Tables: Building Better Companies

A technology entrepreneur, a Wall Street banker turned monk, and a non-profit leader see an unprecedented opportunity for technology startups. That opportunity is not in the products they build, but in the workplaces they create.

At the start of a tech company’s life, everything can seem magical. The founders are best friends, the office is stocked with the requisite ping pong table and kegerator. Strip these symbols of startup life away though, and what’s left are people typing at computers, looking like almost any company in America. Every company, even the massive companies now known for having horrible cultures, began as startups with cultures that were often positive and passionate.

Entrepreneurs must start to think not only about building innovative products but also about building better companies, companies that reimagine what business looks like and that are epicenters of human wellbeing even as the company grows. This two and a half hour long session is about learning how to make that happen.

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  1. Why does thinking about culture from the start matter just as much as thinking about product and how can entrepreneurs make culture a priority when there are so many forces pushing them to focus on other things?
  2. Where are our systems of work supporting us, where are they failing us and how are entrepreneurs currently missing the opportunity to change that?
  3. What core, fundamental questions should entrepreneurs be asking themselves at the earliest stages of their company that will have the most significant impact later on?
  4. What early-stage practices set the foundation for maintaining a positive culture that supports both individual and organizational growth as the company scales?
  5. What does a company that is both an epicenter of human wellbeing and profitable look like and what are the best practices for achieving that?



Jessica Lawrence, Executive Director, NY Tech Meetup

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