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Doing Good and Making Money

Charities are always looking for creative approaches to fundraising. Companies like Airbnb, ZipCar, and Zaarly have created new markets that show how companies can profit from the sharing economy.

WebThriftStore turns people's excess stuff into cash for charities, tax deductions for donors, and deals for buyers. By enabling any nonprofit to run an online thrift store without holding inventory, and with no financial risk, WebThriftStore brings buyers and sellers together to declutter and do good.

WebThriftStore COO Michael Sher will discuss how major nonprofits like the American Heart Association, National Geographic, Ronald McDonald House, and ASPCA are leveraging social media and using WebThriftStore’s marketplace to engage donors and raise more money for charity.


  1. How are for-profit business principles being utilized to raise money for nonprofits in new and interesting ways?
  2. What are the emerging trends in philanthropy and charity fundraising?
  3. How are nonprofits leveraging technology to acquire donations in new ways and find untapped sources of capital?
  4. How are charities using social media to connect young people and boost their supporter bases?
  5. How can charities promote environmentally friendly activities (recycling/reusing) and gain additional funds at the same time?



Michael Gambacorta, Marketing Director, WebThriftStore

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