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Healthy Eating: Starving for Better Technology

Everyone’s gotta eat! So why is choosing and preparing healthy foods so difficult for so many people? Despite the proliferation of websites, mobile apps, and devices that have made living a healthier life easier in a multitude of ways, technologies to enable healthy eating habits have not advanced much beyond first-generation food logging and calorie tracking solutions. There are numerous weight-loss solutions in the market with varying rates of success with different consumer segments, and the very definition of what constitutes healthy eating changes daily. Where are the tools to help people address ALL of their food challenges, from reducing cravings to solving for gluten intolerance to improving mood and energy levels? And when can we STOP with the inaccurate and tedious process of food logging? Join this crunchy discussion on how technology and access to food and personal health data needs to advance in order to help people make better food choices for a healthier future.

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  1. How much of the “healthy eating” problem is actually a technology challenge? How do culture, habits, and access to information play a part in the problems AND the solutions?
  2. What differentiates one nutrition/food tracking app from another in the current environment? What is resonating with consumers today -- and what features are they demanding for tomorrow?
  3. Are we doomed to manually log our food forever? What are the barriers in creating a truly automated and passive technology for nutrition tracking? And what does the future of food tracking look like?
  4. What is the role of open data in making food choice solutions better and more useful? How can government and private enterprise work together to make access to food data easier and more useful for consumers?
  5. What is the role of the “traditional” healthcare system (doctors, nurses, dieticians, etc.) in connecting people to the right food choice solutions for them? Where are the gaps in the current system?



Runa Islam, Product Owner, CarePass Developer Portal, Aetna

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