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From Student Consumers to Multimodal Creators

While students today are media-saturated, they’re not always media-savvy. As instructors, we’re aware that traditional undergraduate assignments are often inadequate in making students fully literate in a media-driven world. By asking students to create original multimodal scholarship across the curriculum, we transform them from consumers to creators of media who: 1) see how media can be manipulated to make a strategic point; 2) actively engage with the texts they encounter; 3) develop an understanding of fair use and copyright.
Through mashups, videos, posters, etc. we demonstrate how multimodal work can reinvigorate traditional instruction, both by enhancing existing critical thinking and composing skills and creating new ones. We acknowledge the concerns of faculty who are uncomfortable with technology, easing these concerns by demonstrating through examples of student work how multimodal instruction is not a departure from, but an expansion of, traditional competencies.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Does a multimodal assignment really make a difference in how students learn, and if so, how?
  2. What is the process of supporting not only the students, but the faculty who are taking on a multimodal assignment such as this, i.e. educational video mashups, poster design, interactive documents, and visual representations of understanding?
  3. Where can I see detailed assignments, examples of student work, and suggestions on how to devise a grading rubrics for these non-traditional assignments, so that I can better understand how these assignments build on traditional competencies?



Susan Simon, Media Learning Technologist, Dartmouth College

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