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New Narratives: Building An Interactive Storyworld

The landscape of interactive documentaries is exploding, so where are all the interactive narrative films on the web? Answer: right here.
Join the Independent Television Service, San Francisco Film Society, Murmur, and Storycode, as we discuss the emerging genre of interactive narrative film, its opportunities for next-generation web series, and for creating immersive storyworlds around feature films to draw new audiences.
We will preview an innovative new web series created by ITVS and designed by Murmur: a cohesive storyworld populated with short film content from some of today's top indie filmmakers, and presented in an immersive, user-driven, participatory manner. We will conduct a case study, offering best practices and lessons learned.
We also feature the work of Storycode, a community that conducts story hackathons to create original cross-platform fictional narratives, and examine one such project that was incubated at a recent story hackathon hosted by ITVS and SFFS.


  1. Most web series today are structured to mimic TV series. But how can we harness an immersive and user-driven design to reinvent the web series as a uniquely online experience?
  2. How is this new content genre becoming important for feature filmmakers? What benefits are there to creating a greater storyworld of online content to surround your feature?
  3. How does one develop an immersive storyworld? What partnerships, collaborations, and processes are necessary and desirable to execute these kinds of projects?
  4. How can the hackathon model be adapted to develop fictional multi-platform storyworlds? What are the advantages to rapidly prototyping a fictional story?
  5. What funding opportunities are available for fictional transmedia projects? What is the cost of creating an online storyworld?



Karim Ahmad, Senior Programming Manager, The Independent Television Service (ITVS)

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