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Design Like a Football Coach

Learning professionals can learn a lot from football coaches. They instruct, motivate, support, and more. Sure, these are sometimes accomplished by yelling obscenities at players, but they are often accomplished with effective design. Coaches are instructional designers, information designers, experience designers, and game designers.

You may not like football, but you’d gain instant respect for players’ capacity to learn if you took one look at an NFL playbook. You’d be amazed at the high-speed decision-making each player exhibits if you could experience a game as a player. The question is: How do football coaches raise players’ performance to this level?

This session will focus on several strategies employed by football coaches that learning professionals can leverage. In short, a hard look at football will make you a better designer.

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Learning Objectives

  1. How do football coaches raise players' performance to such a high level?
  2. How is a coach's job similar to an educator's job? How are they different?
  3. How can learning professionals leverage the strategies employed by football coaches when designing mobile learning, games-based learning, and storytelling?



Matt Lisle, Creative Director, Enspire Studios

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