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Music Videos + Digital Marketing

The panel will focus on Miranda Lambert’s recent Music Video release for “Fastest Girl In Town” as a “case study” for the expanding role of Digital in Music Video Marketing with an emphasis on key elements of the campaign including Mobile, Interactive Video, Second-Screen Engagement, and Social Integration.

We will incorporate our tech-partners including Mobile Roadie, Sonic Notify, Interlude, Gupta Media, Halo Powered Media, and VEVO to explain the multi-week engagement campaign surrounding the release.

The full-length video will debut with a new partner-technology from Sonic Notify that instantly delivers exclusive second-screen content to your Smartphone device while you stream the music video online or watch on TV! Then, Miranda gives fans the opportunity to customize the music video experience with an interactive video and deep social customization/integration.

Please Note: No visual aids are provided for this submission because the campaign launches on July 30th.

Additional Supporting Materials


  1. How do you reach fans and consumers in a new way?
  2. How do you make the content you have go the distance to work for you?
  3. How do these partnerships develop socially and technologically?
  4. How does working with advancing technology benefit the artist and the fan/consumer?
  5. How do you take an existing technology and make it work for you in a new way?



Copeland Isaacson, Manager, Digital Marketing, Sony Music Nashville

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