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The Future of Crowdfunding For Communities

Crowdfunding is grassroots community engagement. Its powerful approach to fundraising and brandraising leverages the speed and reach of the Internet -- as well as advocates’ networks -- to acquire more donors and raise more money for community causes. But donors are realizing not all crowdfunding models are created equally when it comes to ensuring that their donation is used effectively. This panel will discuss the how-to’s and benefits of a national community foundation-led model with profound local impact. The panel will demonstrate how this model builds on highly successful regional online giving events that have raised up to $14.4M in a single day, received single gifts of $2.5M, attracted up to 15,000 donors, tripled the participation rate of the prior year and funded up to 900 trustworthy community nonprofits per event. With results like that, imagine how much could be raised with a national campaign. Join us to hear how this innovative model will be a gamechanger.


  1. How do current crowdfunding models underserve your community?
  2. What is the future of crowdfunding for nonprofits?
  3. Why is the coordinated, community foundation-led model the most effective?
  4. What is required to implement this model?
  5. What results are possible with a national model?



Kelly Garrott, Marketing Manager, Kimbia, Inc.

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