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Can Music Libraries Pay Your Bills?

Some musicians aspire to fame and glory, and some aspire to being known and respected within the industry, but most of us just want to pay our bills without having to get a day job. Teaching music lessons and playing gigs aren't the only ways to keep the lights on, though. More independent artists are writing original music for production music libraries, and you can, too. Come hear how from the people who know: music library execs, music supervisors who use library music every day, and composers and songwriters who are making a living doing what they love.


  1. What are music libraries looking for from independent artists?
  2. How can an artist get in the door with a music library?
  3. Who owns the music artists create for libraries?
  4. How do artists get paid when their music is placed through a library?
  5. Will creating library music hurt my credibility as an artist?



Leona Laurie, Public Relations Consultant, Megatrax Production Music

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