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TWERK: Female music industry shakers under 30

Twerk: Female music industry shakers under 30 features women under 30 forging their own path within the music industry. In a field where men often dominate, young women are emerging and carving out careers and companies on their own terms. The digital landscape - along with tenacity and creativity - has largely aided in making these careers possible. This panel will show examples of women who have built brands that have infiltrated boys clubs, gender and age aside. How can other young women follow suit? How will this impact the music landscape five years from now? Ten years from now?


  1. Are there instances within your career that you faced unexpected discrimination due to your gender and age? How did these moments redefine and restructure your artistic identity?
  2. Let's face it, we are young and good looking. How do we set boundaries that demand respect in and out of the work place, while continuing to uphold and explore our artistic vision and identity?
  3. Women are inherently competitive, especially when it comes to other women. Why are women conditioned to compete amongst those of the same gender? What is healthy competition? How do we maintain community amongst our gender, all the while knowing that competition is necessary for success?
  4. Which do you perceive as your biggest challenge: your age or your gender? How have you taken this disadvantage and manipulated it for your own good?
  5. Within the next 5 to 10 years, do you foresee women taking on more leadership roles within the music industry? And, in that same breath, will the music industry continue to become increasingly younger?



Courtney Nichols, Editor & Founder, FruitFlyLife

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