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Capturing the $270B Legal Market by its Long Tail

Ask anyone about their experiences with lawyers, and chances are that “innovative,” “user-friendly,” and “affordable” are not words that come to mind.
While the digital age has brought greater efficiency to almost every industry, the staid legal sector seems stubbornly stuck in the past.

A group of innovators is changing things. Instead of focusing on large corporate customers, they’re using technology to make legal services more affordable for the "long tail" of the legal market: individuals and small businesses. Their approaches include creating online services where users can quickly find legal help and using software to automate routine legal work.

This panel of entrepreneurs in legal technology will assess the challenges and opportunities associated with disrupting the legal industry. Their insights are relevant not just to entrepreneurs in the space, but for anyone looking to innovate in industries resistant to change.


  1. Why has the legal industry failed to innovate, and does its failure contain lessons for other industries?
  2. What are the regulatory obstacles to innovation in the law?
  3. Where are the biggest opportunities for disrupting the market for legal services? Should lawyers be afraid?
  4. How do you build technological solutions to legal problems without sacrificing the judgment and experience that flesh-and-blood lawyers bring to the table?
  5. What will the consumer-facing part of the legal industry look like in 5 years? 10?



Vinay Jain, Head of Legal, Shake

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