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How Red Changed Everything

In March 2013, the Supreme Court heard two cases about marriage equality, for the first time. It was a historic moment in the courtroom but outside, an historic viral movement was happening as well.
Millions of fair-minded Americans changed their logo to the Human Rights Campaign’s red logo demonstrating a visible outpouring of support for LGBT equality.
In this session, attendees learn more about how digital strategy helped to make it happen, how to manage a brand identity following a viral moment, and how one little logo changed the Internet.

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  1. How did the red marriage equality logo begin?
  2. Viral moments are nearly impossible to achieve. How did you make lightning strike twice?
  3. What are some best practices for brand management during a viral storm?
  4. How can brand flexibility help and hinder?
  5. How can an organization convert online digital activism into offline action?



Maureen McCarty, Online Content and Marketing Manager , Human Rights Campaign

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