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The Competitive Advantage of Teacher Leadership

The most successful edtech companies are transforming the way they make and sell products to create leadership opportunities for educators—in the marketplace, in schools and in the teaching profession. From certification programs to pricing models that sell direct to teachers, leadership driven collaboration means huge shifts for educators and edtech companies who often come from different cultural, procedural and organizational realities. But the payoff is huge: products that perform better in the classroom and marketplace and a step towards transforming the teaching profession with a new education industry that puts teachers at the center.

We’re a group of educators and edtech developers who are transforming our schools, companies and professions to tap the power of teacher leaders. We’ll discuss how companies can create conditions for teacher leadership and how educators can partner with companies to get the greatest dividends for their students, their careers and their profession.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Teacher leadership…Is that when teachers leave the classroom to start their own ed tech company? Maybe, but not necessarily. We’ll offer lots of examples of exceptional educators who impact the edtech market while remaining in the classroom. In this discussion, teacher leadership isn’t about the what: a position, job title or level of responsibility. Rather, it’s about the how: approach to partnership, equity and empowerment between entrepreneurs and educators.
  2. I’m an edtech entrepreneur…how can teacher leadership give my company an edge in the marketplace? What does it look like? How do I get started?
  3. I’m a teacher…how can I approach partnerships with edtech companies in order to maximize value to my students, the edtech market, my career and my profession?



Kate Reilly, Product Manager, E-Line Media

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