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Digital Divide or Sinkhole? Tech Famines in the US

What does it mean when low literacy communities are overrepresented on Twitter? When their residents own more cell phones than computers? When their shopping districts have liquor stores and wig shops but no libraries or Wifi? This interactive session will explore the illusion of technology access in poor communities, how it is eroding the intellectual infrastructure of the nation, the consequences for our standing in the global community if we do nothing about it and what policy makers and social entrepreneurs can do to correct course. Two social entrepreneurs will present a spirited debate on these issues and discuss projects in existence or being launched by them and others in cities across the country that represent possible solutions.


  1. Does social media keeps poorer communities poorer while making rich communities richer?
  2. How is the digital divide contributing to a new class-caste system?
  3. Should public wifi be a public utility?
  4. Can workforce retraining succeed without mandatory computer literacy training?
  5. What should public-private partnerships look like in a knowledge economy?



Sian Morson, Founder and CEO, Kollective South

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