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Small Time Theatrical Distribution

In today's age there are many reasons to self-distribute or go direct to digital. But is that really what you want for your film?
Boutique/Art House theatrical distribution is at a fascinating cross-section between traditional theatrical releases and day&date digital. My presentation proposes to discuss the benefits of still doing a robust, disciplined, theatrical release.
For over 25 years Zeitgeist Films has prided itself on giving small films wide releases. We often open between 50 - 100 markets per title and we do intense grassroots in all of them.
This presentation will go over that grassroots process which includes direct outreach, innovative social networking and creative campaigning.
We'll go over how to get a target audience into the theater without spending unnecessary money on traditional ads.
These tips aim to be helpful for any filmmaker/producer no matter what their final distribution goal.


  1. In an era of potential self-distribution why are films still going with small distributors? What do they really bring to the table?
  2. Theatrical distribution seems very expensive and old-school. Is it still necessary?
  3. I think I can do a lot of marketing on my own. Why would I need a marketing team behind my film?
  4. I'm worried if I go with a distributor they will take away creative control from me. How do you work with filmmakers to maintain their vision?
  5. How is doing theatrical marketing different than digital, day&date, marketing?



Benjamin Crossley-Marra, Director of Theatrical Marketing, Zeitgeist Films

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