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On Creativity, Inspiration, and Doing the Work

What do movies like 300 or Zombieland have to do with the writing life and the creative process? According to Erin Feldman of Write Right, everything. Sometimes, a writer has to kick the muse, the angel, inspiration - whatever - down a well. Other times, a writer has to take a well-aimed strike with a kick, a bowling ball, or a pocket knife to himself or herself or the writing itself. The creative life is one of hard work. It’s not one of waiting for the creative impulse or inspiration to strike. It's called living in tension and pushing against resistance. It’s called doing the work every day.

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  1. What does the creative life look like?
  2. What role does inspiration play in the creative process and the creative life?
  3. What role does resistance or tension play in the creative process and the creative life?
  4. How does a person know when to keep working and when to take a break? When should a person push against the "block"? When should he or she pull away from it for a period of time?
  5. How is creativity more a way of life and a way of thinking rather than a thing to be grasped? How does a person embrace creativity on a day-to-day basis?



Erin Feldman, CEO, Write Right

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