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DIY Screenprinting tips & tricks

We will set up a portable screenprinting rig and show attendees how to go about making either t-shirts, or posters, or both.

For many acts starting out, the cost of promoting gigs with posters, or creating t-shirts or other material to promote their band seems expensive. the panel will explore, in a hands-on environment, how to get started on the cheap.

As bands mature and tour, the production and sale of gigposters and printed shirts become another revenue source, as well as spread the word and create awareness of the band 'brand'.

Good graphics and music go hand in hand. One enhances the other, and in many cases visual images of bands attract new fans.

Attendees will learn the basic steps in the process, pick up tips on how to get printing on the cheap, and gain hands on experience as they print a shirt or a poster.


  1. What is screenprinting, and how does it work?
  2. How can I start screen printing, and what do I need?
  3. How come my printing looks terrible, and what can I do to make it work better?
  4. What's new in waterbased low-tox screenprinting
  5. Isn't everything digitally printed now?



Andy MacDougall, bossman, TMI Screenprinting Equipment

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