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Helping 3rd Party Developers Kick Ass

This panel will discuss the importance of educating, inspiring and supporting 3rd party developers. We will approach the topic from a variety of perspectives. Namely a consumer product (SoundCloud), developer platform service (Twilio), large corporation (Microsoft) and the largest developer community (Github). We will discuss commonalities as well as differences in approaches towards 3rd party developer communities and how they contribute to the overall mission of the respective organizations.

Questions Answered

  1. Does a healthy 3rd party developer community contribute to the bottom line of a company?
  2. How should resources be divided amongst various categories of developer advocacy?
  3. How do you avoid common missteps and build trust amongst your 3rd party developers?
  4. How do you effectively steer and inspire 3rd party developers to enhance the quality of your product?
  5. How do you set goals and measure the success of your 3rd party developer community efforts?



John Britton Github

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