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Home Automation: Opportunity for Consumers, Advert

Almost everyone has smart phones, tablets and uses social networking applications. We crave being connected all of the time and everywhere. Except in the place where we spend the most time – at home where devices aren’t connected. That is about to change. Home automation is now coming to the masses. What does this mean for consumers, and for advertisers?

What will the connected home look like? Let’s just say that the Jetsons will be jealous. All of the devices in the home will be able to talk to existing “smart” devices like tablets and phones. Your home automation system will let you control what your children watch on TV and will alert you when they get home from school. When your wife doesn’t answer her cell phone, you’ll be able to have your image appear on the TV screen and talk “face to face.”

Home automation will also present opportunities for advertisers. They will have to learn how to maximize this opportunity and balance privacy at the same time.

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  1. What will the future of home automation look like?
  2. What will be the advantages for consumers?
  3. What opportunities will this present for advertisers?
  4. How can advertisers start thinking about and preparing for this opportunity?
  5. What are some possible drawbacks or limitations to the connected home?



Eric Smith, Chief Technology Officer, Control4

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