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How to Shoot Stunts and Action on a Budget

Come learn the basics of action and stunt fighting from legendary stuntman, stunt coordinator and director for over 35 years, Bobby Sargent, who has performed many of the most spectacular stunts in motion picture history. Learn what makes a hit, and what sells it, what makes the action sequences we love work. Learn the basic rules for creating and shooting action, basic safety, blocking choreography, how to do good looking action on a low budget. Mr. Sargent will go into his wide experience in preparing and improving action for the many great directors he's worked with, and demonstrate the basics using trained stunt people, and members of the audience.


  1. How do you shoot action so that the action and people are safe? (safety guidelines)
  2. How do you make fight sequences look believable?
  3. How do you make it look like the actor is doing it instead of the stunt double?
  4. How do you develop and choreograph a large scale action sequence with vehicles and people?
  5. How to analyze a script for stunts and come up with more impactful suggestions? And do it on a budget?



Val Gameiro, VP Video Production, TXSTAR Entertainment Inc

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