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How do independent content creators get paid?

We present Austin based Transistor Six. An analog Film Photo and Music site where performances are captured on Super 8 film and Photography is partnered with film camera company Lomography.
In less than 2 years we show how we went from filming new bands to making the official film for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and our first Black Angels video in 3D.

The white elephant in the room is how we get paid for doing this when banner ad revenue couldn't feed a mouse. Who pays to create all this? Bands? Labels? the artists making the content? Sponsors?

We also discuss who owns the content, is it the site who created it or the artist or the label? There are many independent content creators out there and each of them are doing it differently. The panel would be an open discussion to see what works best for who and how it works out in the end of the band.

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  1. As a content creator in music, what are the ways I can get paid? How do I go about getting my work in front of the right people?
  2. As a band with an indie or major label contract trying to keep it's cost down and spend money the right way, how can I get quality content created for me so I don't have to go to the poor house recouping costs to the label who typically spends a lot on photos and videos?
  3. As a major brand and potential sponsor, how can you solve the problem of reaching "Jim" who doesn't watch TV, doesn't like being marketed to but loves music? What are some trans-media (Offline / Online) examples that can get my brand identified in a positive way?
  4. As a band on an indie or major label how can I also make money on top of getting this content created? What are some ways that the artist, label and the content creator can partner so no one goes out of business.
  5. How does a major band like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club find a creative group in Austin to make their next video?



Cory Llewellyn, Co-Founder, Transistor Six / Transmission Media

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