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Empower Your Students thru 1:1 ACCESS

I hope we all agree that access to the web for our students is essential and should be guaranteed in our schools. The more important question is how does that access impact our students' education? At Leyden High Schools we are focusing on empowering students through 1:1 access. Empowering them to personalize their learning, to have a voice in their school, and to create an audience for their learning outside of our walls. Learn how 1:1 access at Leyden has created new opportunities for our students including a transformative new Student Help Desk course complete with personalized curriculum, a student leadership committee that runs through a Google + community, and a school Twitter account that our students curate.

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Learning Objectives

  1. How can 1:1 access for your students impact student voice and ownership in your school?
  2. How does the web support a learning community within the school for students to feel both supported and challenged?
  3. How can schools create an audience for their students to express their voice and passions by leveraging the web?



Jason Markey, Principal, Leyden High School District #212

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