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Content Strategy from Scratch

Ready for your company to (finally!) start creating meaningful, manageable online content? Wondering how you’ll ever “do” content strategy in your work?

Great! So where do you start?

Whether you’re on client side or agency side, big company or small, tech or not-so-tech, anyone can use the principles of content strategy to create content that works, if you have the right ingredients.

We’ll outline the key steps to introducing content strategy into your work. Our discussion will span the entire process, from defining objectives, to boardroom buy-in, to tracking conversions and ROI. We’ll talk about documentation, planning, personas, deliverables and governance. From the biggest technology companies in the world to the business around the corner, we’ll share real examples of successful content strategy implementations.

There’s no one recipe for a good content strategy, but we’ll give you the ingredients and the understanding you need to cook up one that’s right for you!

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  1. I want to implement content strategy at my organization. Where do I start? We'll talk about ways to start using content strategy at small companies, agencies and in enterprise organizations. Learn tips for earning boardroom buy-in, pitching to clients and convincing coworkers.
  2. What do the deliverables look like? We'll talk about documentation, presentation and communication of content strategy goals and processes. Learn about content audits, audience personas, page templates, editorial calendars, governance tools and more.
  3. How do I use content strategy even if I can’t sell it as a line item or service? We'll talk about how you can include content strategy in other projects, and how it can help you save hours and money, even if you don't get paid directly for it.
  4. Am I qualified to do content strategy? (Spoiler alert: Yes!)
  5. How does content strategy fit into the broader ecosystem of a creative team? We'll talk about how content strategy can help you work alongside designers, project managers, account services, developers and clients.



Clay Delk, Sr. Content Strategist, Volusion

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