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Turn Haters Into Advocates With Customer Service

OK sure, dealing with customer complaints can feel like a thankless job anywhere you go, but let’s admit, it’s not quite as hard when the general population is enamored with your product. No doubt that Apple, Target and Zappos have cracked the code on customer support, but their products and services are no-brainers to love.
But in lieu of a shiny fan-favorite product, can killer customer service alone change the tide on – or even grow – positive brand perception? How powerful a force can it really be?
As a top 10 website with millions of users across a large portfolio of products,’s support team has seen it all. But in 2012 the company re-vamped its support strategy to better align with brand goals, resulting in some exciting – and unexpected – benefits.’s head of Customer Care Eric McKirdy can offer unique insight on how Ask has overhauled its customer service to create brand advocates out of frustrated users.


  1. What is the step-by-step process (and examples) for reforming your biggest detractors?
  2. How do you scale your support without becoming a nameless, faceless automated program?
  3. In the age of social media, how and why is email still your most powerful tool?
  4. What are best practices for defining your brand and integrating it across every customer service touch point?
  5. How do you measure customer service success the right way?



Heather Sundell, Creative and Editorial Director, Dotted Line Communications

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