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The Intelligent Closet

The home experience of the future will be substantially different from that of today. Our living space will become an amalgam of inner-connected devices, capable of communicating with each other, with the purpose of enhancing our in-home lifestyle. In this presentation, you will learn about the Internet of Everything and how it will help define how data, processes, people and things will communicate with each other to create seamless user experiences. This concept will be demonstrated through The Intelligent Closet, an idea that has the potential of transforming how we engage with our clothes, our favorite brands, retail stores, home appliances/devices and even our friends and family.

Think about it for a second and imagine the possibilities…our closets might be able to suggest what to wear based on the weather, our calendar or maybe even our mood. The closet will learn from our behavior and morph itself based on intelligence it gathers over time. This is the future…

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  1. What is the Internet of Everything (IoE) and how does it differ from the Internet of Things (IoT)?
  2. What is the difference between a smart device and an intelligent device?
  3. How will the home of the future differ from that of today?
  4. How will an intelligent closet change my life?
  5. Will my closet follow me back on Twitter?



Santos Cash, Director of Technology, Babcock & Jenkins

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