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Probing Needs and Prototyping Solutions: DT4EdTech

You understand the basics of “Design Thinking,” and you’re ready to start looking at how we can better apply educational technology to streamlining processes in the classroom, helping teachers focus on the most important aspects of their jobs, and improving learning outcomes for kids! In this workshop, educators and entrepreneurs will work together to identify critical classroom needs and apply Design Thinking towards prototyping edtech solutions to fill those needs. Are you a teacher with a sticking point in your classroom? Are you an entrepreneur who wants to create a product filling a genuine need in education? Join expert teachers Stephanie Cerda (elementary, Austin), Lindsey Own (middle school, Seattle), and Adam Taylor (high school, Nashville) as they share major classroom sticking points. Jennifer Chan of Exhibit Change in Toronto will facilitate the design thinking process to deeply probe those needs, empathize with users, and ideate, prototype, and iterate solutions!

Learning Objectives

  1. As an entrepreneur, how I can apply design thinking to deeply understanding classroom needs and collaborating with teachers to develop robust, effective, and highly successful solutions to those needs?
  2. As a teacher, how can I apply design thinking to collaborating with startup entrepreneurs to develop solutions to my and my students’ needs in the classroom?
  3. As a stakeholder in all children’s education, how can I apply design thinking to supporting the development of tools and products that will best meet teachers’ and student’s needs in the classroom to improve learning outcomes for all children?



Lindsey Own, teacher, The Evergreen School

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