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Geek Nirvana: Achieving Data-Driven Team Happiness

If we're all working so hard in the pursuit of happiness why are so many of us unhappy at work. As work and play blend together in our mobile lives, happiness in the workplace has never been more important. Collaboration is fueled by positive working dynamics and happy teams have been shown to be 30% more productive.

This panel will explore making the happiness of your team a metric you track and manage. The management process of Niko Niko traces its heritage to agile project management and involves team members "checking in" their mood creating data about the aggregate mood of your team that can be analyzed with project velocity, client satisfaction and other metrics you already are tracking.

The happiness of your team has never been more important and is a key driver of retention, productivity and making your company an awesome place to work.

Join us to learn just how you can take a data-driven approach to building a happier team.

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  1. What is the business case for measuring the mood of my team? How do you place a value on it?
  2. How can I implement Niko Niko into my business and what tools exist to for mood analytics for managers?
  3. Can you remove the emotional and political biases from people’s moods to take an objective measurement of how people feel?
  4. Should mood analytics be anonymous to allow for open feedback or identity-owned to allow for direct intervention with a team member?
  5. How can I differentiate between what was a tough sprint and what is an emerging trend in your team’s mood?



Chris Schultz, Founder, Voodoo Ventures

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