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A Home on the Web: The State of Blogging in 2013

When Matt Mullenweg started blogging 10 years ago, he was looking for a permanent home on the Web. His passion for blogging led him to develop WordPress, the most popular publishing platform on the Web, and then found Automattic, the company behind With the rise of services like Flickr, Facebook and Twitter, though, many have feared blogging might die all together. In this session, Matt will sit down with AllThingsD co-executive editor Kara Swisher to discuss the future of blogging in a fragmented, social media-crazed world (disclaimer: AllThingsD is a WordPress client).

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  1. How does consumer fragmentation affect the future of blogging?
  2. Do you consider social networks complimentary or competitive to blogging?
  3. How have WordPress and Automattic succeeded despite all the changes in internet habits?
  4. How important is the open source community to the success of WordPress?
  5. In another ten years will people still be talking about the imminent death of blogging?



Haley Cook, AE, Brew Media Relations

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