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Maintaing Responsive Integrity in WordPress

Responsive Web Design has it's own challenges but once mastered it is extremely rewarding. That is until you hand over your design as a WordPress theme to a User Admin.

Admins don't necessarily have the skills or the knowledge to maintain responsive sites. Not to mention there are several things WordPress does that makes maintaining a responsive site very difficult.

In this session we will cover specific techniques, strategies and tips that you can implement in your WordPress themes that will not only help to maintain responsive integrity but also empower your users to create better experiences for everyone.

Let's leverage inherit WordPress functionality to take our websites to the next level.

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  1. What are some responsive WordPress Theming best practices?
  2. How to take advantage of all the inherit functionality WordPress has to offer the RWD world?
  3. Is there a proper way to prevent non user initiated downloads of content at the server level?
  4. How to empower User Admins to show and hide content at the server level without knowing code.
  5. How can we empower User Admins (who have little or no coding experience) to maintain responsive designs and not "gaff" up the site?



Jesse Friedman, Director of Web and Interface Development, Astonish Results LLC.

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