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A Cyborg Nation by 2027 - The Science Is Here

Science fiction is no longer fiction. From pacemakers to artificial retinas, implantable machines will soon be used by a majority of humans not only to preserve life, but to augment it. Augmentation of the human body will become an everyday norm - not just for pro athletes or billionaires, but for the average Joe. Video games such as Deus-Ex have explored this futuristic universe, but now the future is here. A practicing neuroscientist will cover the past decade of innovation in medical science, from artificial limbs to protein strains that can be combined with human rNA, injected into the body, and activated with a laser. The ability repair patients will increase, but so will the ethical questions regarding augmentation of the human being. Steriods are child's play. Instead try rewiring your motor cortex using electrical pulses to your vagus nerve to improve muscle memory and control. That is possible NOW. In 2027, we will all be Cyborgs. By choice.

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  1. What are the 10 key innovations in medical science that we will be able to use to augment our bodies in the next 5 years?
  2. Are the augmentations in the game Deus-Ex Human Revolution based on real science?
  3. What are some of the ethical questions that are going to arise out of the multitude of machine-augmentation options for the human body?
  4. How does a mechanical device allow an individual to rewire their brain?
  5. What are the similarities between how our brain and nervous system work and how a computer or machine function? - Why is it so feasible for them to interact?



Jordan Curnes, President, MicroTransponder

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