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Get Yourself Working With Music Houses on Ads Now

Every day, "music houses" are hiring composers, musicians, singers and engineers to create custom songs and scores for a diverse list of advertising and marketing clients. The big secret is that the doors are now unlocked, and any freelancer with the skills and professionalism to hang in this world can participate. Even better, if you have the time and bandwidth to be in touch when a project needs you and upload uncompressed files at a moment's notice, you can be anywhere in the world.
In this fast moving and super-specific world of music production, it's critical to understand how the business works and what music houses are really looking for before you introduce yourself. From how to present your reel and understand a creative brief, to scoring multiple versions and understanding how royalties are tracked and payed, there's alot to learn. This panel will bring together a wealth of knowledge and will feel like a jingle bootcamp.


  1. How do I avoid legal trouble when handed a reference track?
  2. What's a reel, how do I make one, and how do I send one?
  3. How do ASCAP, BMI and SESAC track and pay royalties for underscores?
  4. What's an appropriate demo fee and what's an appropriate buyout for a national TV spot?
  5. What are some good questions to ask after going over a creative brief?



Ravi Krishnaswami, Partner, COPILOT Strategic Music + Sound

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