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Beyond the Buzz: Maintaining Momentum Post-Launch

You’re the newest, hottest new start-up. Customers love you, and the media can’t stop buzzing about you… but what happens now? A year after you’ve launched, how do you maintain the buzz and sales? How do you continue to leverage your popularity after you’ve reached your target audience so quickly? Lytro’s VP of Marketing, Kira Wampler will discuss how you keep your company top of hearts and minds once you’ve established yourself in the marketplace. She’ll discuss the lessons that she and Lytro have learned and surprising challenges that come with having such a well-received product.


  1. A year after you’ve launched a new start – up, how do you maintain momentum?
  2. How do you keep your company’s name in the headlines months/years after you’ve launched?
  3. What is Lytro’s recommendation on strategy for other start- ups looking to launch in the near future?
  4. How do you gauge if you’re still considered a hot/successful start-up a year after launching?
  5. What are the biggest challenges a start-up will face a year after launch?



Edie Campbell-Urban, Account Executive, The OutCast Agency

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