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You got music, you got tech, now build me products

Ok're in the music business, and the tech business, so all is great right? No, not really. Because music people don't now tech and tech people don't know music. But they're soooo related and intertwined. Just ask a musician who codes. But so often the synapses over throw, and the product over thought, leaving for a suboptimal end user experience. Nobody wins and that sucks. Let's talk about alignment of interests and purpose, where the music person, the tech person and the end user person all win.


  1. What is a winning music tech product?
  2. What makes a winning music tech product?
  3. What are the lenses one must look through to consider a successful music tech product?
  4. What's the DNA look like on the team you need, to pull any of this off?
  5. How do you measure success?



Michael Cerda, SVP of Product, VEVO

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