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Saying ‘Howdy’ To New Markets Using Digital

Farmer-owned, award-winning Tillamook Cheese is a staple on the West Coast. But when it came time to bring our tasty cheese to the great people of Texas, we wanted to be very thoughtful about launching our brand in such a new and unique market. The digital space became the perfect way to say “howdy”, and build a new fan base in Texas, because of its ability to:
- reach deep into a market with geo-targeted messaging
- leverage existing relationships with avid Tillamook fans to create new fans in Texas
- support and amplify offline marketing efforts in real-time
(like our Loaf Love Tour, a mobile/experiential cheese sampling tour leveraging old VW buses made to look like loafs of cheese)

So we put together an integrated new market launch plan spanning 12 months that aimed to develop a deeper relationship with cheese-lovin' Texans.'s working! With lots of learning along the way, our new market launch model is now being applied to other Tillamook target markets.

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  1. I want to bring my product to a new market to grow my business - what digital marketing tools should I use?
  2. How can I expand to new markets on small budgets? How can I spend my money wisely?
  3. How can I measure my success in a new market?
  4. What pitfalls should I be aware of when entering a brand new market full of people that don't know my brand/product?
  5. Consumers seamlessly blend the offline and online worlds, so how do I integrate online and offline marketing tools to create a comprehensive marketing plan to reach them?



Gillian Kennedy, Online Marketing Manager, Tillamook

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