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Paying to Search: The Evolving People Data Market

Humans have a basic desire to learn and connect with one another. Every day people are willing to pay for data access in order to connect with one another. Spokeo executives Emanuel Pleitez and Yevgeny Goldenberg discuss the market of consumer access to people data. As online and offline public data merges, people will be able to connect and learn about others faster and more easily than before. The market will continue to evolve as more data is available for aggregation and organization, while people find more uses for it.


  1. What are all the types of people data and how are they found?
  2. Who is willing to pay to access people data?
  3. Why is access to people data valuable to consumers?
  4. Why charge consumers for access to data vs. sell ads?
  5. What does the future of people search look like?



Vanessa Flores, Director of Public Relations, Spokeo

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