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Designing ebooks With Web Standards

Standard ebook publishing requires ramping up on knowledge about various ebook formats, and then becoming familiar with proprietary ebook publishing channels like Kindle, iBooks, etc. Wouldn't it be easier to use web standards to build ebooks, and then either serve then on the web or distribute them via mobile app stores?
If you already know and use web standards (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), ebook publishing is within your reach. Come to this session to explore frameworks and techniques that enable you to design and publish ebooks, monetize them, and distribute them to a variety of devices and platforms.


  1. What is important about a book's user experience, and how can that UX be achieved through web standards?
  2. I just want to publish in an ebook format and be able to give it away on the web. Can I do that?
  3. Designing ebooks with web standards sounds cool, but I don't want to give away the content. How can I monetize without using Kindle or iBooks?
  4. What types of devices and platforms can be supported by standards-based ebooks?
  5. Can other media such as audio and video be incorporated into standards-based ebooks?



Kristofer Layon, Designer and product manager, Capella Education Company

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