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Night of the Living Dead - The Grateful Dead + EDM

The Grateful Dead were pioneers in the touring world, and while many acts have clearly followed in their footsteps and learned from their lessons, perhaps none have been able to take those lessons and expand upon them like today's biggest DJs. They interact directly with their fans, they tour outside of the album cycle, and they provide a brand and experience that exists well outside of the traditional models. A closer look will reveal that many of the leaders and pioneers in the EDM world are either graduates of the Grateful Dead system (i.e. former employees/involved in the initial innovations) or were Deadheads growing up. This panel will unpack and explore what these lessons were, who the players are, and how they were able to successfully use the lessons learned from the Dead on the world of EDM and modern touring.


  1. Who were The Dead responsible for your rise in the music business and what lessons did you take from them?
  2. What were some of the key innovations of The Grateful Dead's touring business and how are they used today?
  3. What did The Dead do right that today's touring acts do wrong and how can they change this? And what are today's touring acts doing that The Dead could or should've done?
  4. What is something that The Grateful Dead pioneered that would come as a surprise to the average music industry professional?
  5. Will there ever be another act that achieves what The Dead achieved and if so will that act be a dj?



Sam Hunt, Agent, Windish Agency

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