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Go Big or Go Home: The Only Way to Save a Planet

Now that we are past 400 ppm CO2, we know that we need some radical solutions to avert climate catastrophe. We already have the tools to solve this crisis, but its about shifting to new large scale renewable energy models, efficiency, and financing all of these solutions in a way that encourages global economic prosperity. This panel will address the opportunities in front of us in Going Big so that we can keep our home.


  1. What are the most innovative models in delivering demonstrably large, scalable, and replicable solutions to avert climate catastrophe?
  2. Where are the investment banks and global financial community in this? Can we mobilize more capital to be part of the solution?
  3. Who is leading in business model innovation? How do we get more big thinkers to start working on global solutions?
  4. How do we leverage existing infrastructure and companies to get there faster? Can they accelerate our path towards averting climate catastrophe, or will they slow us down?
  5. How do we bring together multiple constituencies to effectively recognize the challenge of creating large scale integrated solutions?



Joel Serface, Managing Director, Brightman Energy LLC

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