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Mapping Out the Future of Photography

25 years ago, we didn’t have ready access to the digital cameras, camera phones, or the ability to share pictures instantly with friends and family on far-reaching social networks that we now we do. But how will new technologies shape the way we take and share pictures in the future? And how will this intersection of art and technology change the way we tell stories? Ren Ng, founder of Lytro and creator of the world’s first consumer light field camera, will discuss our evolving relationship with pictures and photography, and how developments like light field technology can advance the way we interact with pictures and impact various industries from film and publishing, to science and medicine.


  1. How has photography evolved over the past century, and how has it changed the way people create and share pictures?
  2. How has science and technology affected forms of artistic expression?
  3. What is the future of light field technology?
  4. What other possible applications are there for light field technology besides consumer photography?
  5. How will photography continue to evolve in the future, and how will that affect the way people create and interact with pictures?



Erin First, Senior Account Executive, The OutCast Agency

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