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Special Touch: Special Needs Apps Need You

Special needs kids range from children with cerebral palsy, Autism, the name a few. The iPad and special needs apps allow kids to verbally communicate their basic needs and replaces expensive, bulky old devices into an affordable, mobile solution. These apps give a non-speaking child a voice to say “I am hungry.” Most special needs apps are poorly designed, unreliable and are not well thought out. Most of these app developers are either parents, doctors, therapists or educators who want to enrich the lives of others — but lack interactive expertise. With help from interactive experts, these developers could take their apps to the next level in design, usability and overall value. As a result, everyone involved would be creating amazing apps while changing the lives of many special needs kids forever. Join Kevin Sitek (a 15 year veteran of interactive design who has a child with cerebral palsy) to learn how interactive experts can make things better for special needs kids.

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  1. Is the special needs app market worth my time?
  2. How can I get involved to help create better special needs apps?
  3. How do you raise the bar for special needs apps?
  4. Why does design and usability matter so much for these types of apps?
  5. What are the most common mistakes and frustrations of current special needs apps?



Kevin Sitek, Digital Marketing Consultant, Lillie's Pad, LLC

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