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The Smile Epidemic

The Smile Epidemic is a project that helps individuals scan their environment to find gratitude and happiness and then share those positive impacts through digital and photographic media. The project is the brainchild of psychology student and former All-Star, Jim Moss, under the tutelage of Dr. Evans, an expert in Positive Psychology.

The concept is simple, but the impact; overwhelming. The idea: 1. Find something in your day that made you smile. 2. Write it down. 3. Take a photo with that sign in place of your smile 4. Post it to the blog.

The activity is simple but the impact has a far deeper reach . From a sign that states,"No More Cancer!" to the 400 students stating, "My teacher makes me happy", the photos prove that the epidemic is spreading.

Last week, the blog traveled. With just under one half-million impressions around the world in less than a week, this project begs the question: how can we interact with inspiration?

Additional Supporting Materials


  1. What is the science behind happiness? This questions aims to explore what happens to our brain when we start to scan our environment for positive and present moments. The science tells us that if we spend more time looking for ways to be grateful, that we eventually become more grateful. Jim Moss and Greg Evans will share ways for the audience to engage a positive mindset through the use of interactive media, and teach attendees how to enhance happiness through daily scanning.
  2. How do I know if my personal or professional brand interacts with others positively? Jim and Greg will explore how to create an experience that is more authentically happier and in turn, more genuine with the people that we interact with on a daily basis. Dr. Evans and Jim Moss will teach the audience about authentic communication through digital and traditional interactions to encourage better relationships with the public.
  3. Who is getting it right? Dr. Evans and Jim Moss will provide case studies (both historical and current examples) to demonstrate what brands, personalities, and channels are getting it right and how to glean from their expertise.
  4. The Story Behind the Smile Jim Moss will describe how he went from a gold-medal winning pro-athlete to paralyzed with a six-week stint in the hospital. Jim discusses the importance of reaching out and will help audience members build up their coping skills so they can handle life's challenges better in the future. Jim will describe why his disability is the best thing that has ever happened to him and how it can be the same experience for others.
  5. What are the tangible applications for my organization? Myself? Through the use of interactive media to generate internal engagement, with social good at the nucleus, companies are seeing less sick days, more productive and engaged employees and higher retention rates. Dr. Evans and Jim Moss will discuss the ROI of happiness in the workplace and how tangible scientific metrics are proving that happier employees support a better bottom line.



Jennifer Moss, Founder, CEO , Spark Plug Consulting

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