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Awe-Inspiring Web Typography You Can Do Now

Typography on the web is growing from strength to strength. All web browsers proudly boast their typographic capabilities as CSS 3 continues to evolve & stabilise. We’ve seen the arrival of some fantastic web fonts specifically designed or optimised for the screen (there's some pretty good screens now too).

This talk will use real world examples and just a little code to get your typographic skills right up to the cutting edge of what is possible, practical and desirable on the web right now.

You'll learn to make the tricky decisions around font choice and font pairing, concentrating on both the practical and aesthetic.

Typography has an important part to play within responsive design - this will be explored too.

The typographic power of CSS 3 is still woefully underused - you'll learn the tricks highly skilled typographers have been using for decades and see them applied to the web.

Between us we can keep pushing forward the role and quality of typography on the web.

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  1. There are thousands of web fonts available now. How on Earth do I decide which ones to use, and which fonts will work best together?
  2. Doesn't responsive design work against good typography? How can we get the two to act in harmony?
  3. How do I get the swooshy bit on the end of a word to work on the web without making an image?
  4. What's the difference between tabular numerals and old-style numbers and why would I care?
  5. Why are you still banging on about typography? It's only letters and numbers. Can't we just use Arial and be done with it?



Richard Rutter, Web typography evangelist, Fontdeck

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