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LGBTech - Where We Are and Where We're Going

Technology is one of the most forward thinking industries, by design, and there are tons of LGBTQ folks who work in this industry. Only recently have their been gatherings of gay geeks (like organizations like Queer Geek! and BentCon), but there have been pockets of LGBT organizations within companies, like the Google Gayglers. We hope to expose just how large the amount of LGBT population exists in the tech world, how it effects your job and life, and how its being reflected from a business and coding perspective.

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  1. What do you mean by LGBTech? How does sexuality come into play in the workplace, especially ones that are predominately straight men? How do you feel being out among your peers has made you feel about your workplace and do you feel openly accepted or do you feel you have to work twice as hard as your straight peers?
  2. How has the landscape of LGBTech changed since you've gotten into the tech industry? Do you feel that companies have been more or less supportive that you thought, and how do you feel the trend is moving?
  3. How are non-traditional queer folks (Gender Queer, Trans) treated in work environements, and do you feel that they are outcasted more or within even the gay societies?
  4. It seems as though Apple has been embraced by the LGBT community in favor of Android or Windows - why do you feel this is, and are there other companies that have gained, or lost favor with the LGBT community?
  5. How have apps been designed and marketed at the LGBT audience and where do you see it going? Do you feel like apps like Grindr, which focus on sex, and boast a huge monthly active userbase and community, are negative or positive to the overall movement?



Matt Conn, Creator/Director, GaymerCon

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