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Games - Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime

Raise your hand if you agree with any of these statements:
- Gamers are primarily by young or teen boys.
- Games are usually played alone in the home on game consoles.
- Most gamers are socially awkward geeks.
- The majority of games are violent in nature.
We're guessing there are a lot of raised hands. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Games Committee is here dispel the myths about games/gamers based on new research that shows how games truly are played by anyone, anywhere, anytime.
We'd introduce you to the different gamer segments and take you through a 'Day in the Life' of each segment. You’ll learn about the type of games they are most likely to play, when and where they play them and on what devices they play them on. You'll learn the size of each group, how they interact with each medium and how mobile and tablets are impacting today's game playing. We’ll end with some thoughts on the future of gaming.
Join us and meet today's game players.

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  1. Who plays games today and how does this vary by segment?
  2. Where are games played and on what devices?
  3. How has the growth of smartphones and tablets influenced game play?
  4. What do these identified segments mean for marketers and advertisers when thinking about gaming and advertising on games?
  5. What might we expect in the future of gaming?



Susan Borst, Director, Industry Initiatives, IAB

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