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A Utopian Vision of Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is an essential skill we all want students to learn. But some schools tend to think of digital citizenship more as a means to prevent behavioral problems (such as cyberbullying), rather than focusing on it as an important skill students need to participate effectively in the digital world. In an ideal world, what does digital citizenship look like? How does digital citizenship fit into our vision of the future of schools? In this utopian vision, digital citizenship will be addressed from all angles, from how it can be effectively integrated into the curriculum while meeting Common Core State Standards, how schools can engage parents and community members, and how students can be empowered to use technology for learning, collaboration, and creation. Come dream a little. . .and be inspired to change your school in meaningful ways.

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Learning Objectives

  1. What are inspiring ways digital citizenship is being addressed from the macro to micro level in schools?
  2. How would students be participating, learning, creating, and collaborating in a thriving culture of digital citizenship?
  3. What are the benefits of approaching digital citizenship from a utopian standpoint?



Kelly Mendoza, Senior Manager, Professional Development, Common Sense Media

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