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Hack Class: Shape your ecology, Empower learning

Educators design lessons to facilitate dynamic learning. What happens when they become the designers of their own spaces?

Our work is grounded in the Reggio Emilia idea that the environment is the “third teacher,” experience in designing learning environments globally, and lessons learned from hacked classrooms at The Lovett School and in collaboration with Edutopia.

Our workshop is built on the belief that finding innovative ways to alter the classroom environment in an intentional way will positively change the behavior inside. We will embrace spirit of hacking– favoring classroom interventions that are functional, thrifty, and inventive. We will explore a range of questions: What is the pathway to hacking? How do we move from observations to ideation, prototyping to launching? What happens before the first power tool is wielded?

Ultimately, we will bring the journey of a classroom hack to life, illuminating the driving questions and tools behind the design mindset.

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. Why should traditional learning environments and classrooms be ‘hacked’?
  2. What can be done to foster an increase in project-based learning, emotional and intellectual engagement, and the integration of emerging technology?
  3. Is there a logical process and methodology for empowering teachers (and students) to ‘hack’ their classrooms and share their results?



Melanie Kahl, Design and Learning Strategist, The Third Teacher+ // Cannon Design

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