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Encouraging Literacy & Young Authors Through Tech

While technology is often used by students to consume content for educational purposes as well as for entertainment, young people are also using digital technologies to create original content. In this talk we will share our experiences using technology to encourage and develop traditional and emerging literacies through digital self publishing. We will explore web-based, mobile app, and software options for K-12 students; participants will leave this conversation with a better understanding of how to implement these pieces of technology and frame their classrooms and libraries as makerspaces of student self-publishing. This talk is ideal for those who are curious about ways to create digital books with their students but are not sure where to start, as well as for those who have been experimenting with basic digital publishing and want to take it to the next level.

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Learning Objectives

  1. How can classroom teachers and libraries empower students to publish their eBooks?
  2. How can teachers and librarians utilize ePublishing as an opportunity to teach traditional and digital composition skills?
  3. What criteria should teachers and librarians consider when choosing an ePublishing tool or technology?



Joelle Alcaidinho, Director of Educational Technology, MetSchools

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