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Entrepreneurial Leadership Through Design Thinking

Is your school relevant in the new global economy? Are you? Educators, policymakers & industry leaders continue to wrestle with one enormous design challenge: how might we reinvent our schools to foster the growth of students' entrepreneurial mindset? In this workshop we will explore the fundamental components of the Stanford Design Thinking model. Participants will engage in a highly interactive design thinking challenge to experience firsthand the role of design thinking in the learning process. From there we will form a collective definition of an entrepreneurial mindset, supported by the work of thought leaders and researchers. Once we've established a common understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset and the critical need to cultivate our students' entrepreneurial leadership skills, we will explore how to use design thinking to make our schools more relevant for today's students. Concrete examples from PK-12 will be shared by the facilitators and generated by the group.

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. How should we as educators define entrepreneurial leadership and an entrepreneurial mindset?
  2. What are the core elements of design thinking?
  3. How can we use design thinking as a vehicle for helping students develop and reflect on entrepreneurial, creative and global leadership skills??



Jennifer Vermillion, Director of Innovative Teaching, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy

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